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UPDATE 2/23/23


Lobby - I wanted to update everyone on the status of the back right lobby (coach Haydens side). We were informed by the owner of the building not to carpet the back lobby until they were done with construction to fix the roof near the entrance of the facility. They will be driving a forklift through that back lobby to make the repairs and said the forklift would ruin the carpet. WELL...... 3 months later and still nothing has been done to fix the roof which means our back lobby still has no carpet.

We plan on carpeting the entire room and making that lobby a lot more comfortable for parents & players.... AS SOON AS THEY FINISH construction!

Couches in Hayden's lobby - When they replaced the roof in that lobby the new ceiling has been dripping condensation in the entire room. Including all over the couches which has left water stains on all the couches. Once they remedy the dripping, we plan on replacing the couches.

Payments - If you pay by Venmo or Paypal, please put your sons name and date in the memo portion of the payment.

Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE: 12/1/23

Parents -

The new curtains are up so wanted to give an update on how to enter and what lobby to wait in before your lesson starts.

When you enter please walk down the center aisle as pictured below. While waiting for your lesson to start please stay in the main/bigger lobby and sit in the couches on the right side of the main lobby. (Gray & Black fabric couches.)

Coach Haydens lessons - Please do not enter the smaller lobby until your lesson starts. This will allow players to have no distractions of someone sitting right behind them while finishing up their lesson and more comfortable for parents.

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