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UPDATE 5/23/24




Surgery went well but I have 4 weeks before any "strenuous activity." So I am taking it easy and trying to recover as quickly as possible to get back to doing what I love.

Unfortunately, in a coincidental nightmare, Coach Hayden suffered a flexor muscle strain on the same day I had surgery. He is in a sling for 7-10 days and if pain doesnt subside, he will need to have an MRI to make sure of no further damage.

So in an effort to generate revenue, we are offering 2 discounted options:

1. Discounted lesson packages at a rate of $50 per lesson with coach Jeff Long; 2 for $100, 4 for $200, and so on. You can purchase as many as you would like. Payment via Venmo or Paypal (both are @pelicansfacility).

2. Discounted Summer Camps - Register and pay by June 1st to take $25 off any week of summer camp.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Hopefully this is the last surgery!


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